It Girl: Miss Moxie!

Wouldn’t we all love to have our own stylist? I love getting dressed and putting together outfits just as much as the next girl, but some days I just want someone to come in and bring a fresh perspective. I think from time to time we all need that little nudge to de-clutter our closets and stop holding on to things we never wear, am I right ladies? We thought it’d be fun to ask the professionals for some wardrobe insight tips, tricks and thoughts on trends. So we went straight to Miss Moxie, aka Molly, Birmingham’s premier wardrobe consultant, personal shopper and stylist.
A. So, tell us exactly what your amazing job entails?
M. My daily role as “Miss Moxie” includes helping my clients eliminate clutter and outdated items from their wardrobe, help them color coordinate and categorize their wardrobe to maximize their current items. I also offer personal shopping services and then use a photo look book service to help clients put several looks together from new and existing wardrobe pieces. Most of my clients hire me because they are stuck in a style rut and want an expert to give them a stylish push in the right direction. My number one request is to help put outfits together.
(For more information on Miss Moxie & all the amazing things she does for her clients check out her website!)
A. What are your wardrobe staples? The essential things that every girl/guy should have.
M. Wardrobe staples are the foundation of any stylish wardrobe…they call them essentials for a reason! My wardrobe essentials for fall/winter include my Tory Burch black flats, black skinnies, black leggings, a sleeveless sweater vest for layering purposes, flat riding boots, black and white basic long sleeved tees (recently discovered Splendid tees…new fave!), and a lightweight colorful scarf. For the 9-5 gals, I would suggest a classic pencil skirt, lots of cardigans, a tailored feminine blazer, and a few blouses to rotate out with cardigans. A timeless black shift dress should also be on your staples list. My nude heels were my go-to when I was in the corporate world. A classic, tailored white blouse (preferably a non iron one!) is a must…the perfect versatile piece to carry you from the office and beyond.
A. What advice would you give someone who is cleaning out or reorganizing their closet? How to know what should stay and what should go type thing.
M. Here are a few tips to closet organization/wardrobe revamping….

1. If you haven’t worn in a year, toss. 
2. Don’t hang on to 58 pair of jeans that you’ll be able to wear again “once you lose 5 lbs.” Be realistic. Embrace your shape and feel comfortable in your new size! 
3. Stock up on basics like neutral tanks and tees regularly. These tend to see lots of action, so treat yourself to an updated version each year.
4. Black velvet hangers help maximize space, keep your clothes ON the hanger, and are aesthetically pleasing to your closet space! Check out Bed, Bath, & Beyond or even TJ Maxx!
5. Keep jeans and sweaters on a shelf where you can see them. Use drawers for basic layering tees and tanks. Try to store the alternate season in drawers or in storage to make the most of your closet space each season.
6. Organize according to function and then by color. Think cardigans, then lightweight jackets, shells, blouses, party tops, skirts and pants together. You get it! Categorizing by function really helps you get into the outfit groove.
7. If you don’t feel good about yourself in something, toss it!

A. What are the looks & trends your loving for winter and the holiday party season?
M. 1. Love, love, love riding boots
2. Colored skinnies and cords
3. Sleeveless sweater vests
4. Boho-femme blouses
5. Oversize purses
6. Long pendant necklaces
A. What are the trends your looking forward to for the spring?
M. I love the colors of spring. Love wedges and maxi dresses and fun skirts. I am still waiting for “winter” to hit down south, so it’s hard to think of spring trends!
(To see how Miss Moxie would style her FAB picks.. check out the style inspiration post in Part Deux!)

The Candy Apple Red Dress

The Smooth Sailing Blue Dress

The Chic Chevron Dress

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